Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get off my lawn...

This probably comes as a surprise to no one, but I am a huge fan of fellow Libertarian/all around bad mabma jabma Clint Eastwood. So naturally I'm pumped that Gran Torino comes out on DVD today. If you haven't seen it, take this recommendation from the Tri Guy: get it, watch it, love it. Savor Clint in all his badass glory. It is his best work since Unforgiven. Eastwood is 79 years old. He won't be with us forever. Gran Torino was totally snubbed by the Oscars this year and was easily the best movie I saw in 2008. Do yourself a favor and go get it at lunch.

1 comment:

  1. finally, something that doesn't have to do with UGA football. I'm so proud and I'm adding Gran Torino to my netflix queue right now.